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When I saw PATANJALI : My experience at TEZPUR

When I saw PATANJALI : My experience at TEZPUR

In these days we are having a good source of business in our land. People from far off places notices our resources well. They also acknowledges our potentiality first than we do or our leaders do. They realizes our natural resources very well for the upliftment of our people ofcourse and for them too. No mater , the revenues  come and stays within our country .And this is the only positive thing about it. And we appreciate it. But also that is a different thing that our people could not notice the potentiality of our land first. We are grateful to those different brothers of that different state that they did . This is definitely going to benefit us in a lot way.

In this manner I am a youth of your land who also felt in the trap of different glowing expectations. Expections that our people has from the very establishing industry here, PATANJALI. The PATANJALI INDUSTRY  is a very succesfull industry in itself. We see, It is a self growing industry.

And is successful in creating a lot of revenue all over the country apart from creating a huge number of employment. For sure, it is beneficial for our country in a number of ways. As the main moto of the industry is to keep the flow of income of our people within our country. And use this money for the growth of the country. Alternatively to say, increase the country’s GDP ( Gross Domestic Product). And not to invest our money in foreign products which has networks of business in our country . It is ofcourse a very general idea of its criteria. No doubt it is playing a very well role in our economy already.

Sorry, I  might have deviated you from the theme of my personal interest to you. And how I came to describe you much about the industry will follow likewise. I actually reside very near to the  upcoming industry PATANJALI. And have been hearing a lot of the Industry and its plan. And also often hear people talking about the project, about the industry. See people rushing to that industry site now and then. The industry is  still under construction . Yet most of its part is completely build now. And employees are already being  recruited  they say. Our place is very backward in sense of development. There is much problem of unemployment. And no such huge projects came earlier to be of help, to be of relief to us.

Gradually this industry is creating a lot of topic to speak on. And  we do talk . The other day I along with my friends went there to take a better view ourselves. We started on our cycles .It was only a fifteen minutes road as our local people told us. We never knew that road until, we went that day. First of all I must say we had a very tough journey. The road was no short. It was a hot day.  We went round and round through many interior villages. Many people showed us different routes, but then finally reached the place crossing the barriers actually .  On reaching the place, the view was different from that I heard of.

So many local and unlocal people were there to see the site. We went there but as we reached the main entrance gate we were not allowed to enter to see the building. As already work is going on inside by employees. We were asked to go to the office and take the informations we need. There was a notice which read that the recruitment process which was going on before has now stopped temporarily. And the process will be resumed from the coming month. The news will be published in the local newspaper Hindi & Assamese. And also in the Employment Exchange Service.

The recruitment applications of ITI candidates which were being taken till yesterday has stopped from today. This news actually shocked many  ITI candidates who have come today with there applications. They came from far places. Some from 300 miles away, some from 500 miles or so came here. But all their hard works and expectation went in waste here. They invested time and money. But to get no result. There were many people of general category also (not from ITI)  who came to apply. But nothing is happening as such. And they had to go home back with no good news from here.

We also came back after some time in that sun of the mid day. It was a tough day as we did not have any news which would prove to be beneficial for us. And for our people back at home. What I feel that there should be a current update system of the industry authorities for informing us their  news.  They should provide some kind of phone number if its possible . Or they can inform us through any local service. Then, not so many people will waste their time and labour  by going there.And no for no use.  As I myself missed my class in college.

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