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What actually an interview is? Kinds of interview

What actually an interview is? Kinds of interview

 This ofcourse ,  is one of the most important question. Well, Interview means two person talking to each other keeping a goal in view. The goal is to be of use. To be of use to each other.


What actually an interview is?

Here, one of the two person will be asking questions to the other. The person who asks the questions is known as the Interviewer . And the one he asks is the Interviewee. There are different kinds of interviews.

What is the protocol of an Interview?

AN interview is a session of certain time. Infact ,  it can be of only 15 minutes or so. You are to response to various questions during that time .BUT relax, those various questions are at your ease. NOW, the question that hits you is that What questions are those?

Well, the questions are about yourself, your knowledge, your experience in the fields of job. Your main aim now is to impress the interviewer. At the same time, his aim is to select one among many.  

Now, to make it more clear –

Interviews are mainly face to face talking. Sometimes video chatting of the interviewer and the interviewee also take place. There are various kinds of interview. You may have to face any kind of it in life . No matter how many years you have lived life and what difficulties you may have face . YOU will have to give your best at your reach.

 And I am sure you will be doing that irrespective of your situation you are in.  You are to convince them how capable you are. To convince them how much  you of their profit .All these in one time ,as you know Interviews are an one time oppurtunity .This is the only chance of meeting the interviewer agreeably. And impressing him for your further ambitions regarding the job depends on your way of presenting yourself  .SO, I tell you here Be Confident and Be Bold.




Well Yes, there are various kind of interviews indeed.And you may have to face any one of them indifferent to your experience   like:

One-to-one interview:

 Here, the interviewer and the interviewee have their conversation directly.

Panel interview:

 Here you are interviewed by more than one interviewer. It is  more than two or three. BUT there’s nothing to be scared of. The aim is the same – for the interviewer to select and for you to be selected .So you just need to be at your ease.

Competency interview:

In this  you are to convince them about your different abilities .In case the same job is given to you  in different situations  you have ideas to handle it.And this interview is the best so far!.

Interviews are the best means of boosting your capabilities  and confidence. So always be at your best .

Warm wishes for you!

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