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Service Boy/Waiter For A Hotel In Guwahati

Interview Date: 31 October 2017

Total Candidate for Interview: 7

Hired Candidates Reg No: G-5594

Name: Madan Subedi (9th Pass)

Appointed as Service Boy/ Waiter

Date of Appointment: 6 November 2017

Job Profile:

To undertake the cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms and public areas to a quality standard and to ensure all room facilities are working. To self check allocated rooms to the minimum standard required by the hotel and rectify if standard is below expectations.


  • To service public areas to a high quality as directed by housekeeper.
  • To service guest bedrooms as per section/floor list to the required standard at all times.
  • Replace and restock all items provided for guest use within each room and bathroom.
  • To strip and make bed to a quality standard following the trained procedure at all times.
  • Service of Bathrooms Empty and wash bins, clean bath, shower, basin, toilet and bidet.
  • Wash floor and all glass surfaces to the highest quality standard.
  • Vacuum bedrooms and bathrooms floors to remove all debris including your section of
    the corridor and stairs and lift and check the vacuum cleaner weekly and change dust
    bag when necessary.
  • Dust and polish all hard surfaces to a quality sheen using appropriate cleaning
  • Ensure your service area is clean and well stocked at all times.
  • Report promptly any room defects, scuffs and fabric damage including equipment and
    light bulbs to department manager, and ensure it is correctly logged.

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