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Candidate Requirement Form

Who refer you to (Name and contact Number)
Requirement Letter cum MoU (Terms & Conditions)

1. All the information regarding JOB Vacancies will be inform to Edupur Employment Services Pvt. Ltd.
2. Dedicated Services (This part is completely Optional) are available and candidates will be appearing for the interview after shortlisted by our JobsDel Team within the time frame. The candidates will be shortlisted and sent for interview. Edupur will provide wide publicity for the recruitment on behalf of employer. So, No outside Candidates are allowed for the interview under this agreement. This Pro Services will be available after the confirmation of professional placement service charge per candidate placement within 10 days after date of appointment.
3. After the Interview, result and appointment should be done through Edupur Employment Services Pvt. Ltd. Selected Candidates will join only after the clearance from Edupur. No candidates should be allowed to join without clearance letter provided by Edupur.
4. Employer will pay 1st Month Full Salary (As per agreement with the candidate) to Edupur within 25 days from date of appointment and Edupur will provide salary to the candidate.
5. Edupur is not liable for any kind of dispute regarding Candidate & his/her action, if any then, Candidate will take the responsibility & Employer may take necessary action against the candidate.
6. I understand & agree that all the terms & conditions mention is best of my knowledge and belief.
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