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Jorhat Job Fair 2022

Candidates are requested to fillup the form carefully.

Jorhat Job Fair
I understand & agree that all the information in this Jorhat Job Fair Application Form is true& best of my knowledge. I understand & agree that Edupur Employment Services Pvt. Ltd. (in short Edupur) offers NO GUARANTEES NOR WARRANTIES of JOB that there would be a satisfactory response or any response at all once the resume submitted to Edupur. I understand & agree that service, term & condition offered by Edupur may change time to time without any notice and I will accept it in all conditions. I understand & agree that Edupur is not liable for any kind of dispute regarding me and my action, if any then, I will take all the responsibility and Edupur can take necessary action against me. I understand & agree that all the terms & conditions mention discussed are best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby declare that the contents of this application & addendum, if any, for description have been fully explained to me and I have understood the significant of the proposed contract. Edupur can use my details for sharing or publishing job details in any offline or online media (for employment purpose only). I understand and agree that interview result publish by Edupur will be final and I have no objection.

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