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Important to know : The different kinds of Interview

Important to know : The different kinds of Interview

In this article you come know what an interview is, and  it’s various kinds and categories.

Important to know : The different kinds of Interview

It is very  important to know what an interview is. And,the different kinds of interview is also very important to know.To be at ease in any interview you need to have the fair knowledge of it.


 AN interview is the face to face talking session of two person with their visions  clear and straight regarding their work, for one it is to get job and for the other it is to hand over the job to the capable individual.

It can be in real situation like the interviewer sitting right in front of you. Or it can sometimes be in indirectly  through   the video chatting system or telephonic. Whatever is the condition for you, what  you should focus is, to practice. Yet spontaneous while speaking. In other words , you should not take much time while answering to him. As it may distract him from his you. And might make him feel uninterested towards you. And handling the job to you might be something to forget about. So, please  take care of what I tell you here. Atleast for once before stepping for your “Time”.


 There are various kinds of job interview which is indeed essential for you to know. You should be ready for any  at any kind of them at moment and handle it well without any fear. So, here are those types :

1. Personal Interview:

This interview focuses on the performance of the employ on the basis of which their  selection, promotion ,retirement , and  resignment depends.

2. Evaluation interviews:

This specific kind of interview is held to check the accountability of the employee on yearly basis. Which means their performance is studied on the yearly basis and see their improvements or weaknesses they had showed .

3.Persuasive interviews:

This is kind of interview where one has to sell a product or a commodity to his targeted buyer and make the purpose of the industry meet  that to sell his product and increase profit.

4. Structured  Interview:

In this particular interview, the importance is in following the general code of an interview. There will be fixed questions from the interviewer. And the interviewee will have to answer them maintaining the decorum of the interview.

5. Unstructured interview:

Opposite of the structured interview , this kind of interview does not follow the basic   general code of interview .The interviewer may ask about anything to you and you  need to answer them in the same manner yet in the general code of conduct.

6.Counselling interview:

This is the kind of interview is where an analysis is made to understand the problems of the employee working .

7.Disciplinary interviews:

This kind of interview is held to ask for an account for those employees who tend to break the rules and regulations of the organization they are working for.

8. Stress interviews:

This interview is  to observe the performance of the employee  if he is  in a stress and a very adverse situation.

9. Public interview:

This type of interview is done on the basis of public need-for political parties, radio, television and newspaper or the magazines.

10. Informal or conversational interview:

In this interview no formal or predetermined questions are asked and the conversation is as informal as it is.

11. General interview guide approach:

This interview takes place to collect the same information from each interviewee to have a general account.

12. Standerdized or open-ended interview:

In this the same question is asked to all the interviewees to compare the result of their information.

13. Closed or fixed responsed interview:

 The interviewer who do not have much experience taking interviews holds this kind. They asks  fix questions to the interviewee. And sees to have the fixed answers by the interviewee. It is a kind of objective format.

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