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What is the goal of an Interviewer behind an Interview

Important to know :The different kinds of Interview

DEFINITELY ,we would like to tell you what actually is the purpose behind an interview of an interviewer. THIS WILL indeed help you to be aware  of what the interviewer and the company  ultimately is searching for in the interviewer. And success fully we have the answers for you to give the exact idea behind the interviews organized so formally and with so much CARE AND ATTENTION.


The goals behind an interview from the prospect of the interviewer

1. An employer will always have the motive of recruiting as many employee as it requires .He always sees for the potential candidate  and someone with his skill and ability is in the employers list for the next immediate recruitment. Even if the existing vacancies  fills up they are the employees of the next reqruitment.

2. Collect  first hand knowledge of the area and its people their mentality and their views towards life

3. Deduce the gap between man and help them achieve their present goals.

4. Create a cordial relation between the Company and the employers to be employed.

5. Tell them how they can come forward in their life and be a help for the company and of course for their family and themselves.

6. Create an environment of co-operation between people and the company for sure.

7. Make the people aware of upcoming business in the places for their profit.

8. Understand the problems of the educated youth which they facing financially and emotionally in their lives.

9. Become aware of the defects they are having in them and guide them to correct those to develop.

10. An employer has the motive of uplifting the entire economic condition of the area. He is a part of and would try to be a means of development in a candidates life who is actually potential and wants to do something in their life.

And at last but not the least, the objective is mainly to recruit them in the vacancies they mainly have for them.

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