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How to prepare for Job Interview 1st day review

How to prepare for Job Interview 1st day review

Hello  viewers! I am glad that I am sharing this experience with you.Assurance is that reading this article will  benefit you. 

The fact is I am working as an intern for a company. It is very accomplishing in itself . I find myself lucky to have got the chance to pursue this for free of cost. It is a well established company and has completed more than 7 years successfuly.

During my internship at present,  I do get  to see many candidates coming for interviews. But I observe that while many of them come,  there are only few of them making it up-

                                                  how to prepare for job interviews-

I wanted to know the reason behind it. So,I take permission to see the interviews from a rear view and they readily agrees-

The following  day the company gets the news of a vacancy. They immediately  organizes for an interview. The  candidates come and one lady  comes in for the interview first. After her many of them comes. But only a few of them gets selected for the final interview to be held the next day.

          I would just like to give you the details how a lady comes in for the job interview.But she does not get selected though she tries her best-

  • She comes in to the cabin of the interviewer and shows the civil code of conduct. The lady wishes Mr. Amit,the interviewer, a good time. Mr. Amit asks her about herself ,her family, her education and experience, in the field of job. The lady looks very unprepared for the very basic queries.The thing which strikes most is she is not confident .Whatever he asks ,her answers are inaudible. She is talking in a very low tuned voice which is making the interview unpleasant. And you see that it is actually reflecting her inconfidence. She is not speaking properly which might be due to her fear. Her presentation of herself in the manner of her dress and style looks very low indeed. Low, here doesnot mean you need to be wearing branded clothes and shoes  to make it high. It means that  you need to be light and descent of what you wear and how you carry yourself.For girls, you should never go for heavy accessories and heavy make-up  in your face. Your way of caring yourself  shows how carefully you carry yourself as a person.  When the interviewer  asks her further questions, her responses are not confident. It seems she is  loosing her conduct of speaking gradually . The general code of formality is not there while the questions to her are formal. So, her communication skill, presentation of herself and  her confidence are not up to the mark which leads to her failure.This is my one experience which is benefiting  me and will benefit you definitely.


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