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Edupur programes on the NAMAMI BRAHMAPUTRA,Tezpur

Edupur programes on the NAMAMI BRAHMAPUTRA,Tezpur

Recently we celebrated the cultural programs organized by the Edupur Employment Services, Tezpur. It was a beautiful one  I must say. And here I am going to write on my view as I had been there . So, last few days were really vibrant. Culturally. The vives and impact of the Namami Brahmaputra could be seen everywhere. And in my hometown Tezpur  too,  the celebration was celebrated to the most.  Especially, I must say the events celebrated by the Edupur Employment Services Pvt. Limited, were really shining out to the most.

The events celebrated by them were very  much successful. Might be due to the fact that it has received the blessings of the river Brahmaputra. Here so, I am to give you the glimpse of the  programs I attented. I am actually very glad that I got the chance of attending the events through the ambience of Edupur  Society. And it was all because of Mr. Amit Raj Kowar, the founder Secretary of  the Edupur Employment Services  Pvt Ltd. He is really a busy man. And  I think, to have a busy event attended and done , I feel  you need to meet a busy man as such.

So now coming to the main details of the events. I will tell you in such a manner as that follows –

They organized many programes  for those 4 days during The Namami Brahmaputra Festival. And as a part of that celebration. It was set up in the banks of the river Brahmaputra. It was actually amazing to see that. Students were welcomed from different parts of the town and beyond that. They reached in time to the spot. They started in time.  Everything was so much in sync. So much in discipline.  Everything was in its place and position. They were enthusiastic.  And they performed really well. It was actually so amazing to see one thing among those many things.

And that is, it was actually the parents who were supporting their sons and daughters to take part in the various activities of the festival. They encouraged them to do their works sincerely. Perhaps also for the fact that the thought and love of Brahmaputra brings life to everyone, to every heart. The students of all ages participated. And they did there work so beautifully. The small little babies were so amazingly engaged in there works. One after another the programs took place on the days .

Apart from other cultural programs, the Edupur Employment Services,  they organized programmes such poetry writing, recitation, paintings and so on. There were inspirational lectures by the respected guests that were invited. There were lunch provided by the catering there. And our team looked after everything with concern and care, so that everyone has a good time. And we all were in smiles as the environment around us.

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