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Be in that STYLE: The Decorum of an Interview

 Be in that STYLE: The Decorum of an Interview

Want  to know what style you should follow ?  YOU ARE VERY MUCH WELCOME HERE.As it is indeed very important to know clearly before appearing an interview. It can save you the job you want to work in.You see many people failing in their job interviews. Did you ever feel like knowing the actual reason behind? Okay, here are some of the secrets I will reveal it to you.So that you can be careful for your turn surely.Or if you already did appear before, than you can be aware of certain things for this time soon. Be in that STYLE: The Decorum of an Interview.

First of all, the  thing you should keep in mind is the way you style yourself

So, what actually is a job interview ?

A job interview is a face to face talking session between two mature person. Mature in the sense that both the person should be responsible enough and their goal should be clear enough. You are  to reply to questions there. Regarding yourself, experience and your knowledge on the job you prefer to. The one who will ask the question is the interviewer. The one who will be asked is the interviewee.

Be in that STYLE: The Decorum of an Interview

The way you should be dressed       

The way you dress and present yourself shows how well you carry yourself, can take care of yourself. For ladies, prefer minimal make-up and please do not go for heavy accessories.And for your attire, go for simple suits which you are comfortable in.

For men, go for light colored gentle shirt and trousers. For your footwear ,  put on descent shoes.As peaple say judge a man, by his footwear. So be careful in choosing a good one.

Your body language matters

You need to be confident enough and that should reflect in your body. Sit straight and show them that you are attentive. Alert to each and every word they speak to you.

You must know how to speak

In the session you must know that listening to what they say to you is important. But also that you must speak confidently and are  audible enough. Now the interviewer knows that you are actually the candidate with all the qualities they want .


Always remember to make an eye contact with the interviewer. Just try to have a warm handshake in the starting of the interview or at the end. That will connect you with the interviewer and will have a good impact surely.


With all these very needy points,  I tell you  that there are various types of interviews you may have to come across. But remember that whatever the situation is  you yourself should be prepared. GIVE BEST and be BOLD and SPECIFIC.

Wish YOU all the best!

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