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Askaran Binjraj – The beautiful destination for your Shopping

Askaran Binjraj – The beautiful destination for your Shopping

Askaran Binjraj is one of the the leading Shopping Mall we have in the Sonitpur District, Assam. The mall is an extra beautiful place for any one to have a quality time for shopping. It is situated in Dhekiajuli, Assam and is a place of huge infrastructure and marketing ofcourse. And is a fantastic and a sophisticated building.

The style of the building

The building is a two storeyed structure. It comprises of all the basic amenities that an infrastructure needs to  have. Here you find all the facilities of a beautiful shopping mall as it is indeed  beautiful  . And ofcourse the important thing you find is the building is very much neat and clean. The staff members takes great care of its cleanliness. Shopping in ASKARAN BINJRAJ is a satisfying  experience for any person.


ASKARAN BINJRAJ specializes in marketing or shopping. And we  take care that you have a quality time of what you come here for. We assure that one has a pleasurable experience here. When comes to shopping , what we always think of is “healthy” and “beneficial” and “durability” ofcourse. And the thing you need to keep in your mind and heart is that you need not worry about having a heavy budget for your shopping here. You find here every commodity of your kind and choice. And every commodity has every range of price as well. The prices start from the very minimum to the most affordable you find.

Here the commodities you find to shop starts from clothes to slippers, for an infant to a grown up of any age. You find here playing dolls for your child to the utensils for your kitchen. In a nutshell, you find here all those things you need. ASKARAN BINJRAJ guarentees you all the quality and assurement you need for the commodities you buy here.That too, irrespective of its price you pay for them. Further more, you always or at any time find the most up-to-date commodities in the fashion here, in ASKARAN BINJRAJ.  And I will repeat that you can completely negogiate the prices and rate here.

ASKARAN BINJRAJ leaves you with a happy and a memorable experience . And we hope you come and see it for yourself.

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